Why Live?

by Jeremy

How do you take the idea of physical death as humans? The idea that we have no choice but to die.

If i watch people dying in the hospital ..it is kind of depressing, the screaming and the helplessness..Dont these ugly sights somehow make you feel angry at times? or confronting always? or Am i the only human having this kind of weird feeling?

I mean why cant we have a choice to choose which type of death we like and when to die ? To have knowledge that someday we have to face death is agonizing and the waiting makes it more unbearable!! the thoughts of death make everything we do in life meaningless. It is like living in a doomed world just waiting when your death wil come!!

Nobody wants to die and we are being forced to die coz of a lousy apple? I mean how do you get rid of this madness about having to face death when you dont want to!! I dont like to be sliced up on the operating table and being tortured like a guinea pig before i die . I just want to sleep in my death just like The Sleeping beauty! Is this too much to ask?

I mean how do we achieve this if to die on purpose is a sin? Has God allowed us to die on our own free will without the guilt? why continue on living when humans are 200% certain their lives will end somehow? I feel stupid ...i find it hard to accept this truth...just because someone ate an apple!! it doesnt make sense to my coconut shell guys!!

Why live when our life is doomed to die!! Why wait when all you can get is more of pain and less of joy...the joy is fleeting but the pain is ongoing!! One day you get Typhoon Hercules that flattens your house then the next you get drought everywhere you go ,a land with no food to eat, no milk and honey ..then there is flooding and on and on comes all the miseries all the way to your grave non stop...so why live? why cant we get this temporary state of living over and done with like TODAY, so we can all go home and wake up happy in Heaven tomorrow ....no more tears and no more death ...is this too hard for God to do ...grant us this one wish?

pls help me make some sense................



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Jan 03, 2018
We Live to Help Others.
by: Christopher

Hello Jeremy,

If I understand your question, you are asking why we should continue to live when there is so much suffering in the world? It is a question that is on the minds of many.

To answer that question, we might consider the words of the apostle Paul in the first chapter of Philippians who found himself in a difficult circumstance. Consider the context of this chapter.

Paul was in prison (Phil. 1.12-14). He did not know if he was going to live or die. There were other preachers who were trying to make life more miserable for him (Phil. 1.16). He debated whether he wanted to live or die saying, "what I shall choose, I cannot tell" (Phil. 1.22). He then said that dying would be better, because he would get to go and be with Jesus (Phil. 1.23). But then he said this: "Nevertheless, to remain in the flesh is more needful for you" (Phil. 1.24).

Paul concluded that continuing to live is more needful because it meant that he could be there to help others. Our purpose on this earth is to help others. If we can help ease the pain and suffering of others, then our lives are worth living.

Jesus came for this purpose (Matt. 20.28). He faced the most difficult and darkest days of His life, and that allows Him to now be sympathetic to us who also struggle, "for in that He Himself has suffered, being tempted, He is able to aid those who are tempted" (Heb. 2.18).

Frequently throughout the Bible, you read about those who suffered, and we are told that the best way to deal with hardship is to put your focus on others. Help someone else in their suffering, and it will go a long way in easing your own.

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