Angels Among Us
A Bible Study on Angels

Introduction to a Bible Study on Angels

  1. From home decorations to being central characters in movies and television series, angels have been the object of fascination.  Caution must be exercised  (Col. 2.18; Rev. 22.8,9).
  2. Angels are often portrayed as fictitious creatures with wings and halos which only exist in fantasy.  Although misrepresented, angels are real sentient beings that have a specific place in God’s creation.
  3. Where did angels originate?  Some believe that angels have always existed.  The Bible tells us that angels are created being brought into existence by God.  (Ps. 148.2-5)

How does God Describe Angels in the Bible?

Angel  (aggelos):  “a messenger, envoy, one who is sent”  [Thayer]  According to Vine, angels are always masculine.  There is no feminine form of the word “angel”.

  1. Generally, angels were messengers who delivered a divine message from God to man      and can describe both spiritual being and human beings.  (Matt. 11.10; Luke 1.19)   
  2. What do angels look like?  (Judges 13.6; Dan. 10.6; Matt. 28.3)
  3. Angels often come in the form of human being.  (Gen. 19.1-5; Heb. 13.2)                    

Angels are of an order that is below deity and above humanity.  (Heb. 1.6; Ps. 8.3-5)

  1. Angels possess superior power and might than man.  (2 Pet. 2.11)
  2. Unlike humans, angels do not marry or engage in physical relationships.  (Matt. 22.30)
  3. Because they are not deistic they do not have all knowledge.  However, their             knowledge exceeds that of man.  (1 Pet. 1.10-12)
  4. Like man, angels have free will and therefore are subject to the laws of God.  They               have the ability to choose to obey or disobey.  (Ps. 103,20; 2 Pet. 2.4; Jude 6)

Angels are Ministers of God

The primary purpose of angels is to communicate the word of God to man.

  1. The Law of Moses was “spoken through angels”  (Heb. 2.2)
  2. An angel delivered the news of Christ to Mary.  (Luke 1.26-31)
  3. The book of Revelations came by an angel.  (Rev. 1.1) 

Angels carried out divine judgment.  (Heb. 1.7)

  1. Angels carried out the judgment against Sodom and Gomorrah.  (Gen. 19.1,15-22)
  2. Angels judged the nation of Israel for David’s sin.  (2 Sam. 24.16,17)
  3. Angels destroyed the Assyrians who rose up against Jerusalem.  (2 Kings 19.35)    

Angels minister to the people of God.

  1. Angels came to minister to Christ after He was tempted and as He was in the garden of    Gethsemane.  (Matt. 4.11; Luke 4.10,11; 22.41-43)
  2. Even those who are His faithful have the service of angels.  (Heb. 1.14)
  3. Angels helped Peter escape from prison.  (Acts 5.19,20; 12.7-10)
  4. Angels carried Lazarus to Paradise.  (Luke 16.22)
  5. Angels watch over and protect children.  This suggests the possibility of guardian                 angels.  (Matt. 18.10)

Conclusion to the Bible Study on Angels

In this brief overview we learn about the nature and function of angels.  We ought never to hold angels above their proper God-given role. 

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